the dark side collection f/w 2021/22

Are you ready to play? What if you had to play a game of chess with death to survive? Winning would be really difficult even with the help of your Guardian Angel. Only a miracle could save you! Will Claudia be able to prevent the Moirae, the three divinities who weave the destiny of men, from cutting the golden thread of her life? Meanwhile, the ferryman of souls Charon, waits to take her away ... The fall winter 2021/22 Le Bourboniche is inspired by a comic by Dylan Dog "Partita con la morte" in turn inspired by a famous 1957 film "The seventh seal "by Ingmar Bergman, to tell you about our Eros and Thanatos, love and death with the darker version of eco-leather combined with the softness of velvet and our wool.





Thanks to Vittoria Cusumano for photos, Envogue Donatella hairstylist, Elisa Calcagni make-up artist, Silvia Cambria make-up assistant.