historia  collection s/s 2021

We tell a story of belonging to the roots, even if distante, in a short film where the protagonista arrives in Sicily, linked by family origins that she don't know. She will face a path that will overwhelm her, through the gifts of our Icons, representations of our tradition such as folklore, devotion, nature, sea, craftsmanship, history that will make her feel the warmth and belonging to this land more than she believes. 

Historia collection s/s 2021  Le Borboniche tells a journey to discover Sicily, its magical beauty that leaves anyone enchanted. The design of our refined fabrics speak of our origins, of the places and colors that represent us in the world. Le Borboniche reinterprets the essence of our land through an iconic path that you'll love as much as we love it.

the icons



Zagara is the icon that represents the Sicilian nature that explodes with the warm colors of the citrus groves kissed by the sun, inviting joy and lightheartedness, like that of children chasing each other on a lawn.



Madonna is the icon dedicated to worship, to the tradition of processions, to the union of the community in the face of the mystery of faith, to prayers to the Saints to whom the Ex voto was given, a public pledge to receive a grace that was held particular way.


La Magna Grecia

Icons of our original history of Magna Graecia are Kore or Persephone and Demeter his mother the goddess of harvest. The myth has it that in Sicily Persephone was kidnapped by Hades god of the underworld to make her his wife. From the pain of the loss of her daughter, Demeter did not grow more fruit from the earth. Zeus asked his brother to let Persephone go, he agreed but made her eat six pomegranate grains, which forced her to return to Hades six months a year. So when Persephone embraces her mother again, the earth blooms again with spring and summer, but in the autumn when she returns to Hades, Demeter, grieved, causes the death of the vegetation.



Keramos comes from the Greek and means clay. Our icon pays tribute to the creativity of Sicilian craftsmanship, from Santo Stefano di Camastra to Caltagirone with its colors, plates, vases and the famous Moor's heads now present in all Sicilian homes and beyond.



Galatea is the "goddess of the calm sea" is the icon dedicated to our sea. The myth tells of his love for the beautiful shepherd boy Aci, opposed by the jealousy of the Cyclops Polyphemus who, blinded by anger for the love of the two, throws a boulder of lava at Aci, killing him. Galatea to keep her love alive, transforms her blood into a spring that comes from Etna and flows into a beach, touching nine villages near Catania that take their name from Aci .



 Majara is the icon dedicated to superstition, to the dark part of Sicily, it is Peppa la Sarda, the witch par excellence, mentioned in the novel "I Beati Paoli" the sect that used the poisons prepared by Peppa to kill and take revenge for the injustices suffered.



Shurhuq is the icon of our hot wind that comes from the south-east, the Scirocco. He dries up the air, kicking up the dust of North Africa, and after three days of heat, he gets angry, releasing a long storm. It remains one of our most important climate symbols.



Lorè is the icon of suggestive and colorful Folklore, with Sicilian carts, the puppet opera, the sound of tambourines in Baroque parties with fireworks and colored lights. A festival of culture and traditions that continues to enrich us.



Fire is an important element for Sicily, Etna is the icon of our impetuous and so loved volcano.



Quas'at is the icon of the Sicilian dessert par excellence: the Cassata. Made with sweetened ricotta, sponge cake, royal pasta and candied fruit, then revisited according to all the variants of the provinces. 



The icon of art is Norma, the work of the Catania composer Vincenzo Bellini, who inspired the island's most famous pasta dish with tomato, eggplant, basil and baked ricotta. 


Sicily could not be missing, which welcomes our protagonist into her home, and shows her the way to find her origins, a path that will indissolubly link her to her land.

Si ringrazia per le foto Vittoria Cusumano, lo styling per Puccio e Franco via marina garibaldi 79 Milazzo (Me) hairstylist Giuseppe Aspa, make-up artist Annalisa Zizzo.